What’s Next?

Last week I had the privilege to offer a presentation to a group of 200+ insurance professionals. 

The meeting, organized by the Central Ohio Insurance Education Day Committee, focused on “Emerging Trends Challenging Our Industry” and included presentations on a variety of topics ranging from the adequacy of fire fighting capacity (in an age of cutbacks) to the rise of social media as a way to discuss insurance issues with policyholders.

The meeting was interesting and everyone had a lot to consider — about how we traditionally handled issues, and how things are continuing to change in the world around us.

In terms of traffic safety, we know that some of the oldest issues — distracted driving, youthful drivers, the need to cut costs in our truck fleets — don’t really change, only our response to these issues.

We talked about what works, what doesn’t and why trying “new things” is important.  We need to test what works and what is losing it’s effectiveness.

The good news is that we continue to receive very compelling reports about the “Driver Safety Hotline” program’s success in highlighting driver behaviors.  Behaviors, that if left unchecked, would likely lead to a collision.  

A large tractor trailer fleet that recently installed our program reported a 23% decline in collisions — the only new safety practice they introduced was our program.  They investigated and closed out 100% of their reports in a timely fashion — they’re committed to safety and to helping their drivers stay safe.

Have you either made a call to a hotline, or investigated using our service if you have a fleet of vehicles?  If so, thanks!  If not, why not?

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