What do you expect?

As a Nation of families and employers we’re slogging our way out of a recession that was (and for many continues to be) a painful experience. 

At any time in our lives, change is difficult.  Even moving towards something “better” can be frustrating and tense because the process isn’t smooth.  We’re always fighting against “inertia” or that desire to keep everything as it is presently.  To change means to work hard, to exercise, to discipline our minds to learn something new.

Safety is largely about overcoming “inertia” in the work place — it’s easier to take short cuts than to spend the time and energy “doing it right the first time”.   Safety managers often have thankless jobs — they’re the coach trying to instill discipline in a team that’s often focused on productivity and quality to the point where they put on “blinders” to the processes that are likely to lead to injuries, fines or worse.

Even our own program, like any safety program, has it’s own discipline required.  You can’t simply slap stickers on a truck and expect that the program either can or will run itself with great results.  That’s the same situation as installing GPS, EOBR, Cameras, Radar, etc. and failing to read the reports, watch the videos or deal with the warnings.

I’ve met many organizations who bought VHS videos and let them sit in a box on a shelf.  They committed to training, but after the first viewing failed to exercise the discipline needed to consistently reinforce the original message!

Oh, it’s not all their fault.  Each safety vendor plays a support role, too!  We can’t manage your drivers for you, but we do what we can when you let us have access to your managers and drivers.

I’m grateful that so many clients have stuck with us through the tough economic times.  Now that the economy is improving, we’re re-invigorating the discipline around safety practice at these organizations.

It’s a lot of hard work, but worth it.  It’s easy to lay on the couch and eat chips, but once you’ve actually gotten into a workout, the rush of energy and the conditioning of your body tells you that you made the right choice in getting back into shape after a long, dull season of inactivity.

Are you ready to get back on the running track and give your safety program a “workout”?