Surviving Winter Weather

Each month, we send a “Ten-Minute Training Topic” to each of our 3,800+ fleet clients on a different driver safety issue. 

This month’s topic offers tips and insights into dealing with wintry conditions that could delay your trip or even leave you stranded due to other motorist’s abandoned cars blocking the highway.

Here’s an excerpt:

Throughout much of North America (especially at higher elevations), driving conditions during the winter often include snow, sleet, and ice.  By themselves, these conditions make driving difficult because of reduced visibility, but they also translate to slower traffic, hazardous road conditions (vehicle control), and short tempers from frustrated drivers.

Even if you are in a warmer climate, your drive may be made more difficult by:

  • Greater rainfall than during other times of the year,
  • shorter daylight hours,
  • more glare during dawn and dusk,
  • Slippery roads (fallen leaves, road oils, etc.), poor visibility and wind gusts.

An easy way to look at surviving winter weather is to break it down to key steps:

  1. Prepare your vehicle for the expected weather conditions
  2. Plan your trips
  3. Modify your driving as needed based on conditions
  4. Be ready for emergencies (including the potential to become stranded)


If you’re interested in learning more about our Ten-Minute Training Topic program contact us.  The program comes with a driver handout, a manager’s supplemental report addressing policies and offering additional insights such as current news articles dealing with the issue and power point presentations in differing formats to accomodate varied delivery methods.

Traffic Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility – make “Safety Is MY Goal” part of your mindset when driving!


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