Driver Safety Hotline Benefits Your Drivers

It is uncontested that 80% of all commercial drivers drive consistently well, but a small percentage have “bad habits” that contribute to the vast majority of crashes and “near-misses”. 

How do you identify these drivers so that you can effectively help them drive better tomorrow so that they:

  • Do go home to their families each night
  • Do make their deliveries on time
  • Do receive positive training, not punishment
  • Do understand that safety is serious at your firm
  • Do help protect the company’s image
  • Don’t have to sit through depositions
  • Don’t get hurt or killed
  • Don’t get a moving violation (with the out-of-pocket fines!)
  • Don’t have their personal insurance rates jump (due to the moving violation)
  • Don’t reduce their “employability” due to tickets or accidents

Historically, there were two options available to safety managers to identify drivers who may be “at-risk” of becoming involved in a crash:  Motor Vehicle Reports (profiling based on past tickets – and provided electronically by our E-DriverFile System) and Crash Reports. 

Over time, these approaches were supplemented by tachographs (speed recorders) and “black boxes” which tell us about location, speed, hard braking, etc.  Each of these processes tells you about problems after they’ve already manifested themselves — so called “lagging indicators of performance”. 

You see, to wait until a driver has already gotten a ticket, or has shown up on telematics data reports as an “exceptional exception” adds a delay that increases the odds of a crash happening before you have time to intervene.

Another way to identify these “at-risk” drivers is with a simple, low-cost, turn-key solution.  Our hotline program spots those drivers, who, if their behaviors were ignored, would end up with a violation or crash event. 

Here’s the process:

  1. We send you a report about specific incidents.  We also send Training Materials tied to the specifics of the incident.
  2. You talk with your driver – not to fix blame, but to help them fix any underlying safety problems.  Additionally to help them understand that the goal is safety – to avoid injury no matter who or what was the cause of the reported incident.  We also train your supervisors on HOW to COACH affected drivers for positive outcomes!
  3. You send us the completed report and we provide a monthly recap of progress and patterns in activity.
  4. We send a monthly training package to help ALL of your drivers with safety.

That’s it.  It is very simple and highly effective. Plus, it’s designed to boost the results from your existing safety practices at a very low cost (less than $15-$17 per vehicle per year).

If you are willing to invest about one minute per day (30 minutes a month) to coach and counsel drivers on their performance before they get a ticket or get hurt, then why not check out the program, it’s ease of use, it’s simplicity and it’s effectiveness?

Please let us show you our new DRIVER COACHING PROGRAM for supervisors — it can help you leverage your Safety Hotline Reports, your TELEMATICS Data, and even your VIDEO recordings. 

While other vendors tell you to coach your drivers we explain HOW to coach your drivers for better results!  Want to preview our program?  Give us a call at 1-888-603-6987


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