Are You Ready for Winter Driving?

During 2011, December 22nd signals the start of Winter.  Are you ready for Winter Driving?

Winter conditions vary greatly throughout the USA and Canada.  Fog, rain, snow, sleet can occur at different elevations and only miles apart from areas where it’s relatively clear and sunny.  Even on a “nice day” the lower angle of the sun on the horizon can contribute to road glare and make it difficult to judge the positions of other vehicles in their lanes.  Traffic congestion, especially in urban areas, can increase dramatically causing delays and frustration for drivers.

Appropriate preparations for this season will also vary slightly, too.  Have you gotten your vehicle and your attitude toward driving set to go?

While most people have heard about the various precautions and preparations, now is a great time to remind employees, family members and friends of their responsibilities as they drive during these changing conditions.

There are four key strategies to dealing with winter driving:

  1. Prepare your vehicle for winter conditions
  2. Prepare yourself for winter driving techniques
  3. Prepare for emergencies such as mechanical breakdown or crash
  4. Watch out for other drivers who are not prepared

Each of these four strategies is covered in our monthly driver training kit that has already been sent to the supervisors at our 3,800 clients.  However, if you missed out on that dispatch, there are a number of great web sites available with summaries of the most important points:

 General Tips:

Most state department of motor vehicles publish tips related to their particular area of the country.  Here’s only one example:

Many also publish information in additional languages to help their residents who may not master English as their primary language:


Whether you encounter, snow, fog, or rain in your area of the country, how you choose to prepare for and respond to these conditions will determine your success in dealing with them.  Remember that it is not only how you drive, but also being prepared for the “other driver” and the “unexpected” events that can occur like a mechanical breakdown. 

If you need additional help getting prepared for Winter Driving, please let us know.  We can share a courtesy copy of our training package with you to help with your family driving, office commute or commercial vehicle operations. 

If you plan to drive in a way that minimizes your risks of collision, then you can say with confidence that “Safety Is My Goal“.  Thanks for doing your part to improve safety results on the road.

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