Press Release: 3/5/2012

CINCINNATI, Mar 05, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Great American Insurance Group announces the availability of a new program that helps profit and non-profit organizations identify their volunteers and employees whose job-related driving habits pose a risk of becoming involved in a collision. Great American’s Specialty Human Services Division and SafetyFirst(TM) Systems have teamed up to provide a program that gives organizations timely, credible information about employees or volunteers who are taking aggressive risks or are distracted behind the wheel. This “early warning system” provides details about the incident and materials to help managers coach employees or volunteers on proper driving procedures. A monthly training program is included in the Program, covering topics such as road rage, drowsy driving, avoiding pedestrian collisions, and coping with poor visibility. Benefits to the policyholder include a positive public image and greater driver awareness due to feedback and coaching.

The Program begins with the installation of decals on selected vehicles. The decals are uniquely numbered and matched to the vehicle. The decals state “Safety is My Goal” and include a toll-free number for motorists to call if they see risk-taking behaviors. SafetyFirst’s call center collects the information and provides a report which is sent to the policyholder along with a monthly summary. This Program works best for larger automobile schedules (20 or more). Most importantly, if the program is utilized consistently, each participating fleet has the potential to reduce its crash rate by up to 20 to 30% (based on SafetyFirst proprietary historical studies, results may vary). This Program may be included in the cost of the policy for qualifying policyholders.

To learn more about the benefits of implementing SafetyFirst, contact Jeff Cruey, CPCU, Divisional Senior Vice President.


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