ASSE PDC and Expo 2012 – Denver, CO

Greetings from lovely Denver, Colorado!  Several of our sales and marketing team are staffing a display booth at the annual American Society of Safety Engineers Expo.  We’re meeting hundreds of safety professionals in many different industries.

That first question of “What does SafetyFirst do?” is the toughest since we actually “do” a lot of interesting things to help keep drivers on the road to safety.  Many of these professionals are trying to figure out what “box” to put our company in so that they can figure out how they’d use our services.  As we start to describe our programs, the conversation typically goes like this….

Safety Pro: “So you’re a driver training firm?”

SafetyFirst; “Well, yes, but we do a lot more like run and profile MVRs”

Safety Pro: “So you’re a background check company?”

SafetyFirst: “Well, yes, but we also automate your driver and vehicle records with reminder notices about key anniversaries”

Safety Pro: “So you’re a compliance firm?”

SafetyFirst: “Well, yes, but we also provide telematics solutions”

Safety Pro: “So you’re a GPS firm?”

SafetyFirst: “Well, yes, since 2002 we’ve delivered AVLS systems, but we also have a supervisory coaching program built into our Safety Hotline program to convert that data into behavior based results”

Safety Pro: “So is that like a training program?”

SafetyFirst: “Sure, and it’s highly effective at getting the driver and supervisor on the same page with shared goals instead of confrontations over safety performance”

Safety Pro: “OK, so you are a driver training company — why didn’t you say so to start with?”

All humor aside, we’ve had very engaging conversations with these safety pros and found ways to help boost/strengthen different aspects of their current programs.

So if you’re looking for best-in-class results, we can offer driver training, safety hotlines, MVR profiling, telematics, coaching programs, crash reporting databases, or most any other aspect of driver safety, please talk with us to see how we can mesh our programs with your current vendors and practices to take results to a “new level” at your firm.

We are confident that you’ll decide that we’re the “Smart Choice” in driver safety.  We’re located in aisle 700 at booth 742.  (We’d love to show you our newest driver training videos, too!)