New MVR Reporting Features Added to E-DriverFile

Based on dialog with our clients, we’ve introduced several new enhancements to our MVR services platform, called E-DriverFile.


E-DriverFile is a risk management information system that was initially developed in early CY2000 to help fleets manage driver and vehicle specific data. 

Designed for both regulated and non-regulated fleets, it was the originator of the “anniversary reminder alert by email” concept for driver management.   When a driver (or vehicle) has an impending anniversary (expiration date) for something like a license, registration, insurance, permit, etc. the system automatically sends a reminder report to the location manager as a “to do” list of compliance issues.

As the location manager updates each item by typing in the new anniversary date, the system adjusts the reminder notice accordingly.  If the issue isn’t dealt with in a timely fashion, the report escalates to higher levels of management.

In 2004, clients asked us to incorporate MVR ordering.  This enabled them to set a triggering date (such as date of birth or date of hire, etc.) to have our system initiate the request for a new MVR on that driver.  Initially, the system only handled the request, but later on we also handled the input of the response from the state as more states began delivering “granular data” instead of paper reports.

Now, the MVR function almost overshadows the other features (i.e. DQ file management, automatic reconciliation of driver’s annual review, training updates, since it’s so convenient and easy to run thousands of MVRs based on:  location, driver’s risk score (order high risk driver’s MVRs more frequently), division, date, etc.


Recently we introduced two new enhancements:

  1. Clients asked for the ability to “time travel” and see a given driver’s risk score as it appeared on that date in time. Since our system automatically calculates scoring based on the tenure of convictions, telematics reports, MORs, and preventable collisions, it can be helpful to provide more than the default view (score as of today) by enabling an instant re-calculation based on any date provided by the client. 
  2. One feature is a new report that enables the client to query the database directly. This enables clients to answer questions like….. 
    1. how many of my drivers have S99 versus S92 speeding events?”
    2. how many of my drivers have both S99, S92 and (insert your favorite ACD code) combined?” 
    3. how many drivers (and who are they?) have at least one violation for speeding regardless of which speeding code was used by the state?”
  3. All of this data can be exported directly to Excel for further analysis and includes driver location data so that reporting by territory can be highlighted (to spot regional trends or hot-spots).
  4. Varied tenure periods based on data category.  We can split your reporting tenures based on data category — for instance, count MVR convictions that are less than 36 months old, count preventable collisions that are within 24 months of today’s date, count Motorist Observation Reports within 24 months, count telematics alerts within the past 12 months, etc.  This overlays the client’s own scoring mechanism for each data category, and their ability to isolate each category as a stand alone score.

Would you like to learn more about E-DriverFile, or our other driver safety programs (i.e. training, telematics,  Please give us a call at 1-888-603-6987!

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