Making the Case for Automated Enforcement – NEWARK, NJ

redlight cam pictureA recent article in the Star-Ledger by James Queally covered the release of a short video produced to make the case for automated enforcement (red light cameras) in the City of Newark, NJ. (To read the article, click HERE)

There are a number of factors that led to the City installing cameras at two crash-prone intersections (dubbed “Project Red Light” — more details available by clicking HERE).

One of the significant factors is the much greater than average percentage of residents who don’t own or operate a car.  The pedestrian traffic in downtown Newark increases the risk of pedestrians being hit or killed when motorists run red lights.

Preliminary reports show significant reductions in crashes at these intersections:

“Total crashes at the Project Red Light intersections have dropped 36%. Additionally, severe right-angle crashes, which are directly attributed to red light running, have been reduced by 42%.  Same direction crashes, such as rear-end collisions, were reduced by 25%…”

Of course, the program generates revenue for the City, as well.  According to the Star-Ledger article “Each ticket costs drivers $85, and Newark keeps $39.50 from each ticket.”  A June 2010 Star-Ledger article found the city issued 93,634 tickets in 2009, resulting in a nearly $2.8 million boon for the city.


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