Cars versus Trucks: who owns more of the safety obligation?

Commercial Carrier Journal prepared the following “info-graphic” to highlight the vast improvements that the transportation (trucking) industry have made over the years and to encourage the rest of us to step up our own safety efforts, too.

They’ve framed the issue in such a way as to confront the average motorist as being responsible for the lion’s share of crash activity.  How does that make you feel?  Do we all acknowledge that traffic safety results are everyone’s responsibility?  Do we acknowledge that on a miles-driven basis, truckers have a better track-record of performance than the media generally relates?  Is this attitude within the transportation industry healthy and helpful in encouraging further improvements or is it just finger pointing as a way to deflect any further criticism of their safety performance?

Take a look, below, and let us know what you think — you can provide constructive comments here, at our Linked In group, or at our Facebook page.  Thanks!

Brought to you by CCJ Magazine

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