Factors to Consider When Upfitting Cargo Vans

This month’s edition of Work Truck Magazine has a great article on key factors to consider when upfitting cargo vans for your operation. Here is a link to the full article:  http://worktruck.epubxp.com/issue/121882/19.

What caught my eye was the fact that out of seven specific recommendations four were safety related.  These factors addressed both ergonomic considerations (making it easy for drivers to access the inventory with as little stress, strain and repetitive motion at odd angles as possible) and driving safety (concerns about the partition between the operators cabin and the cargo area).

In years gone by, many articles like this one would have only focused on productivity or capacity, but there’s been an appropriate shift in emphasis over the decades to integrate safety with operations so that efficiency gains are not offset by injuries.

I recommend Work Truck Magazine to operators of light and medium duty fleets since the online and print editions are FREE to qualifying subscribers and each month’s edition has at least one or two articles of note from a safety standpoint.  To learn more about this periodical, check out their home page at http://www.worktruckonline.com/

1 thought on “Factors to Consider When Upfitting Cargo Vans

  1. When upfitting cargo vans, it is always important to consider the safety in the operation. It’s good to know about this great development. Finally, more people are now concerned with safety rather than personal profits. I’d really like to learn more about the factors that need to be considered when upfitting these types of vans so I’ll go visit the website you recommended.

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