Dangers of running on empty (from AAA)

fuel-gaugeWe’ve been through a tough economy and while things are improving, people are still looking for ways to stretch every dollar.  A common temptation is to run their vehicles down to empty before refilling — maybe while shopping around for the best price for fuel.

Running your vehicle out of fuel can actually damage the engine.  Check out this informative video from AAA on the subject. 

SafetyFirst works with about 4000 active fleet clients in a range of industries. We provide driver safety services, automation services and custom database development for MVRs, at-risk driver profiling, e-training, DVD based remedial training, driver coachign programs and optimizaton of existing telematics deployments (getting beyond the “third year of a six-month pilot”, etc.)

Give us a call at 1-888-603-6987 toll free.

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