Update: “Google Glass”

Link — The Next Big Traffic Safety Debate: Google Glass.

While we’ve previously posted on the “Google Glass” device and whether it might pose a traffic safety distraction, here’s an update.

A driver from San Diego, California, has been ticketed for driving while wearing “Google Glass”.  The citation references CA Vehicle Code Section 27602 which says you can’t drive while some form of visual display is operating and is located in front of the driver’s seat or is otherwise visible to you while driving. Although mapping displays and GPS systems are allowed under that law, determining where wearing Google Glass fits in requires parsing a host of technicalities.

Other emerging technologies (like smartphones that get worn like a wrist watch) could open up interpretations of current law or trigger the creation of new regulations.

Regardless, our concern is with the level of distraction actually posed and whether it contributes to such a level of risk to warrant specific legislation such as texting while driving.


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