Stretching “pup” trailers used for doubles

Presently, the longest single trailer commonly seen on the roads is a 53 foot trailer.

53 foot trailer

There’s a proposal to take “double trailers” (currently each trailer at 28 feet long) and “stretch” them to 33 feet apiece. Adding the gap between the two trailers it would be over 70 feet long.


Although this boosts productivity, is it too long for safety on our current road system?

I believe that the overwhelming majority of professional drivers and their support teams care deeply about safety and avoiding any incident.  I also know that in poor weather (high wind, torrential rain, etc.) it may become very difficult to maneuver doubles so that they remain in their lane.  I suppose it boils down to whether 10 extra feet would make any material difference in handling.

See full article HERE.


One thought on “Stretching “pup” trailers used for doubles

  1. Two things-one is that it will take an awful long time to pass one of those things on the highway and secondly that’ll had a lot of surface area for the wind to blow back-and-forth.

    Overall, don’t like the proposal.

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