Safety on the road is every driver’s responsibility.  Our team is on a mission to do what we can to reduce collisions and minimize the costs of crashes in terms of lives saved and even economic impacts, too.

Last year, fewer people died in road crashes than in 1950.  That’s the good news.  The tragic news is that at roughly 30,000 fatalities, that’s a lot of funerals and grieving families.  Additionally, the first two quarters of 2012 showed the highest change in fatality rates since NHTSA started keeping statistics.  This reversal in statistics is alarming and yet it is largely a secret as many organizations have been riding the accolades of improvements over the past three years.  Bottomline — dying in a motor vehicle continues to be the leading cause of death for Americans who are between the ages of 1 and 34.

We have to do better than this.  Will you help us in your own way?  You can help by simply offering a factual summary of what you see on the roads.  Do it safely, but if you can give us a call (hands free!), we’ll send training to help that driver examine his or her own attitudes and habits when they drive — most commercial drivers want to be safe, but a reminder of how to be safe makes a difference.  If you don’t call, we won’t know who needs help.

Even though our stickers say “Safety Is My Goal”, it should be every driver’s goal — to be courteous, to help others when they’re struggling or distracted, and to drive smart.

Thank you for doing your part to help save lives, avoid injuries and make the roads a little bit calmer.

(If you manage a fleet of vehicles, please consider our program — spelled out in more detail at our corporate websites — www.safetyfirst.com and www.edriverfile.com  We offer more than just the 800-How’s My Driving program, too!  Telematics, training, MVR review, DOT support of online DQ files, and more.  Presently, we have 3,800 Active clients throughout North America and we’re the preferred provider among 75+ insurance providers who actually sponsor our program for their select policyholders!)

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