Driver Education

SafetyZone-Safety GoalSafetyFirst has always had a focus on driver education, coaching and training.  Most drivers go through rigorous qualification screening before they are permitted to drive a commercial vehicle.

Our goal isn’t to teach them (or re-teach them) the basics of “how” to drive, but to remind them of the potential consequences of becoming complacent, slipping into bad habits or developing risky behaviors while driving on-the-job.

We started a monthly driver education program over a decade ago in May of 2003.  Called “Ten-Minute Training Topics” this program was designed to break the traditional 6-8 hour driver instruction program of that day into smaller, bite sized pieces with a tighter focus on Driving Too Fast PPTspecific issues.

So instead of a mind-numbing all day program that covers all sorts of issues that may or may not be pertinent to the drivers actually seated in the classroom, we strove to give a supervisor and driver a ten-minute conversation about something like “avoiding collisions in parking lots” or “reminders for proper use of turn signals”.   After all, if it takes a formal classroom setting and several hours to inspire proper use of turn signals, we think someone is doing something wrong.

The typical “Ten-Minute Training Topic” consists of:

  1. Driver Handout
  2. Manager’s Supplemental Report
  3. Power Point Slideshow with minimal graphics (easy to reproduce)
  4. Power Point Slideshow with full color pictures and graphics.

More recently, we began to convert our training topics into brief (5-7 minute) video presentations tied to online quizzes.  These are linked to our E-DriverFile recordkeeping program and our Safety Hotline system for seamless integration.  The video modules can be assigned as the result of:

  1. Supervisor manually adding a driver and class assignment
  2. System automatically assigning based on MVR score and violation types (ACD Code driven)
  3. System assignment by receipt of “How’s My Driving” report (based on specific behaviors mentioned in the report)
  4. Telematics Alerts funneled through our other reporting systems

Driver Safety Cycles

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