Hotline Overview

SafetyFirstThe “concept” of “how is my driving?” isn’t new, but it takes a lot more than a sticker and a hotline number to actually help drivers avoid crashes — or getting into arguments with their manager.

Our program was formed out of frustration with the “old boys network” of How’s My Driving vendors — their programs, marketing materials and even sticker slogans treat the driver as a scapegoat or a villan to be punished.

Commercial drivers are hardworking professionals who have a family to support and bills to pay.  If they need anything, it is help, not further confrontations.  We’re here to offer support and training, because anyone can have a bad day on the roads — we just want to make sure it doesn’t end up in tragedy!

Want to learn a little more about our mission and how we operate? Check out our video, or our corporate web site at

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  1. I really liked this article. Clear information, graphically supported, and useful support from the media. Thanks for the hard work.

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