MVRs / Risk Scores

E-DriverFileSafetyFirst is a certified service bureau serving all fifty states, P.R. and most Canadian Provinces.

We are able to connect you with monitoring programs in states like New York (LENS) and California (EPN) since we’re fully vetted and certified as a direct, online service provider.  In these states, you’ll receive automated updates on a daily basis as the state processes changes affecting each driver’s record.  Be careful – – some states advertise that they’re pushing only changes, but are actually providing a new MVR report at a discounted rate on a monthly basis (which may not deliver new information).

Many clients simply change the frequency of ordering MVRs based on the aggregation of violations (more tickets = more frequent MVR checks).  Our system can do that for you automatically!

Our platform enables you to upload your drivers, “clean up” and maintain accurate records (we even have an automated data checker that looks for improper formats, incomplete DL numbers, etc. to minimize “bad request kickbacks”), and get MVRs in which ever approach is needed for your safety practice:

  • Automated based on Date of Hire anniversary
  • Automated based on other triggering date
  • On-Demand individually
  • On-Demand BULK groups

Another example of a blended scoreMost states are instant access and our system uses YOUR criteria to provide a universal format and coding structure.  That’s right — you can set your own weighting scale for violations (by exact code set) AND you can go with our PREMIUM service to upload your crash records, telematics alerts and even How’s My Driving reports to get a customized, blended risk score.  We actually were the very first internet provider to put out the “Green-Yellow-Red” scoring report way back in 2002.


Driving Too Fast PPTHow about this as an add-in?  When a driver gets a new violation (since the last update) our system can automatically pick the correct refresher training module and assign it instantly!  These modules are only 5-7 minutes long with a ten-question quiz on the consequences of making risky choices related to that violation type.  Developed by safety managers, the training is favored by drivers since it treats them as “professionals” and encourages them to make a personal commitment to drive safely each day.

Driver Safety Cycles

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