What’s It Like to be Audited by FMCSA?

smc 1Recently, a California-based fleet manager documented his personal experience with a random-selection compliance review through a series of four blog articles.

His candid insights help paint a picture of what the process could be like for a fleet that has never gone through a compliance review.

Here are links to his four articles:

Part 1: http://blogs.lctmag.com/lctblog/archive/2013/04/10/JIM-LUFF-The-FEDs-Are-Coming.aspx
Part 2: http://blogs.lctmag.com/lctblog/archive/2013/04/17/JIM-LUFF-Feds-Occupy-My-Biz-House.aspx
Part 3: http://blogs.lctmag.com/lctblog/archive/2013/04/24/JIM-LUFF-DOT-Audit-Gets-Down-N-Dirty.aspx
Part 4: http://blogs.lctmag.com/lctblog/archive/2013/05/01/JIM-LUFF-D.O.T.-Audit-Drives-Me-To-Drink.aspx

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