E-DriverFileThe E-DriverFile system was deployed in May 2000 to help a client with 750 locations manage their driver and vehicle information. The system is designed to offer many important tracking and reporting functions, and this article highlights several key features.

Of course, it’s important to note that each large client deployment is done with custom configuration – tweaking the forms, modules and management reporting to fit that particular client; therefore some of the screen shots may have different type fonts, color schemes, etc.


Many fleets have sophisticated software packages to handle the traditional “human resources” issues like payroll and initial screening and hiring. However, many safety and Accident Analysisrisk management professionals find it difficult to work around the limitations of adopting these programs to fit regulatory reporting such as OSHA, DOT or even intra-company reporting on specific metrics.

Our system is intended to:

  1. “Fill any gaps” in dealing with safety, risk, claim and performance data (where it simply isn’t captured or dealt with someplace else
  2. Provide a uniform platform for ALL locations, regions, divisions when it comes to capturing data, following policies, completing training and more
  3. Provide accountability and transparency to the safety, risk and claim management process – the field uses the program to document process steps and corporate can monitor compliance and results.
  4. Provide a custom-fit to your current culture (or the one you’re building towards) by incorporating your forms, process steps, vocabulary and reporting criteria. This helps initial manager “buy-in” since the program is already familiar and isn’t just “another system to learn”. Many systems can be hamstrung by passive aggressive location managers.
  5. Avoid the “one-size-fits-all” trap of a system that is affordable, but doesn’t really fit your needs and costs a million bucks to customize.

E-Driver File’s Approach

Our system is designed to accept uploads from client’s existing  management systems to maintain a current roster by using your unique identifier, location assignments and vital Renewables Reportstatistics.

The system generates reminder notices about key anniversary expirations such as:  driver license renewals, DOT compliance issues, MVR reorder dates, vehicle tag renewals, lease turn back dates, inspections and much more.

They key categories of information handled include:

  • Operator Details
    • Operator qualifications (what type of license, renewal date, endorsements, certifications, contact information, risk score, and more.)
    • Operator training status (linked to your LMS reporting, we can verify in a single portal if all required training is “current”)
    • Operator DQ File (can accommodate e-forms with e-signatures OR upload of traditional paper and ink forms)
    • Completion of annual reconciliation of MVR and driver certificate by email – manager only reconciles “no match” scenarios per DOT
    • Operator “events” (i.e. violations, company infractions, training courses completed, safety awards, claims, spills, complaints, praises, etc.)
  • Another example of a blended scoreMVR Processing/Profiling
    • Option to import MVR data from another vendor for scoring, OR have the system order it based on a timetable, OR on-demand (individually) OR on-demand (bulk order of large groups of drivers by location, state, DOB, DOH, etc.)
    • Scoring of violations based on your criteria (using ACD Code Matrix)
    • Ability to process consent forms for non-regulated drivers (MVR ordering)
  • Vehicle Details
    • Make, Model, VIN, etc.
    • Link to assigned operator (if needed)
    • Insurance details, Permits, Expirations
    • Events (if you want to track repairs, maintenance and it’s not already tracked by your fleet department)
  • Vendor management
  • Library of your uploaded forms (for remote viewing, printing, etc.)
  • Reporting suite
    • Automatic “push out notices” and “must-do lists” based on expirations
    • Escalation of notices based on time to due date
    • On-Screen (pre-formatted/standard) reports (with direct export to Excel)
    • On-Screen “ad-hoc” report generator (with direct export to Excel)

Order MVR Screen

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