TeleMaticsSafetyFirst has contracted with hardware providers as early as 2001 to provide telematics solutions to clients.  We quickly learned that the marketplace was very dynamic with new capabilities, easier installation, more flexible cost models and new hardware options being introduced so frequently that a “one-size-fits-all” system was virtually impossible to find.

The good news was (and continues to be) that various competitors in this area feed a steady stream of innovation and enhancements to benefit fleet operators.

We also learned that it’s not as critical to offer a hardware platform as it is to help fleets analyze and aggregate their mountains of “background noise” data into meaningful and “urgently actionable” insights.

By working with clients who’ve already deployed their best fit system, we’ve been able to leverage our behavioral safety insights and help them transform data into solutions.

One client struggled with speed alerts for a year.  Then they asked us to take their alerts (as they happened) and apply our coaching and education programs for the benefit of their supervisors and drivers.  One year later, they had reduced their speed behavior (and alerts) by 600%.

If you need a platform (hardware) we can recommend two providers, or give you a direct quote on our basic platform which has all the requisite bells and whistles (even DOT logs).

Give us a call to discuss your situation and goals.

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